Tips for traders for communicating their wikifolio

Just like with all social networks, you increase the perception of your wikifolio on the social trading platform if you become actively involved on it: Comment on your trades, work comprehensibly and transparently and thus create confidence in the community. Key figures, comments and trades of wikifolios are published by on other platforms as well. 

This item includes a handy guide to help you in the use of and the (public) communication of your virtual portfolio. 

  • Write comments, analyses and opinions regarding your wikifolio virtual portfolio.
  • Post descriptions of trading ideas and information about the backgrounds of individual trades off of as well (blog, Facebook, forums, etc.).
  • Link your trader profile to your blog or your social media profile.
  • Talk and write about the fact that you are a wikifolio trader.


Important: The strict separation of the virtual portfolio (wikifolio) and the financial product (wikifolio certificate) applies to any post on any platform!

Items to note in communicating of and about wikifolios

  • wikifolio denotes the wikifolio virtual portfolio, denotes the company and the platform.
  • wikifolio is always written lowercase.
  • In exceptional cases, the wikifolio logo may be used. However, this must absolutely be coordinated with us beforehand.
  • Comments, analyzes and opinions on the wikifolio index certificate are NOT allowed.
  • Concrete consulting such as the recommendation of a wikifolio certificate to buy are not permitted.
  • The publication and promotion of the ISIN of a wikifolio index certificate is prohibited both on and off the platform. This is an advisory service and thus subject to authorization.
  • The trader profile may not include any direct contact options such as email addresses or phone numbers.
  • Traders of our platform should not give the outward impression of being an employee of the team.
Tip: Please note that many legal regulations, such as the German “Wertpapierprospektgesetz (WpPG)” (Securities Prospectus Act), the “Marktmissbrauchsverordnung (MAR)” (Market Abuse Regulation) or also the “Wertpapierdienstleistungs-Verhaltens- und Organisationsverordnung (WpDVerOV)” (Investment Services Conduct and Organization Regulation) and respective comparable regulations in other countries apply to information regarding financial instruments.