More impact as a “Real money” trader!

Invest yourself in the wikifolio certificate associated with your wikifolio and become a real money trader. A wikifolio with the label “Real Money strengthens confidence in your wikifolio and can thus help the associated wikifolio certificate to get more invested capital. Many investors specifically search for real money traders.

The path to the real money label

In order to obtain the real money label for a wikifolio, you as a trader need to have invested at least EUR 5,000 or CHF 5,000 in the wikifolio certificate that reflects the performance of your own wikifolio. The trader must prove their investment by means of a brokerage account statement or a screenshot of the depositary bank. After successful verification of the data, the “Real money” label is enabled. The trader must prove their investment of EUR 5,000 or CHF 5,000 on a quarterly basis. As soon as the evidence is due again in the near future, a notification appears in the account. If the trader fails to comply, the wikifolio will automatically lose the label.

Just request a real money label and send a brokerage account statement to!