Depot ausgelegt auf Renditemaximierung. Grundsätzlich wird versucht verschiedene Anlageklassen zu bedienen, in dem zugleich in Rohstoffe, Devisen und Indizes investiert wird.

Experience in securities trading

Risk class 1:  No experience
Risk class 2:  No experience
Risk class 3:  No experience
Risk class 4:  No experience
Risk class 5:  0 to 1 year

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Status: Published

Trader: Depot01
Date created 2018-11-29
Performance since creation +18.9 %
Performance 1 month -
Maximum loss (to date) -51.6 %
First issuance -
Performance fee 10 %
Symbol WF0MARCO98
Reservations 0
Trades leverage products
Trades entire universe
The invested capital may differ from the actual value due to the conversion of several currencies.