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34.390 EUR Sell

34.855 EUR Buy

+0.00 abs.

0.0 % rel.

2020-02-16 06:58 pmLang & Schwarz
  • Close / Open 34.622 / 34.618
  • High / Low (1 day) 34.622 / 34.612
  • High / Low (1 Year) 34.672 / 23.900
  • 1 Week +4.5 %
  • 1 Month +7.3 %
  • 1 Year +41.6 %

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#AlohaGlobalTrendsWorld : WisdomTree Artificial Intelligence UCITS ETF - Quote from the description of this instrument: "The Fund seeks to replicate the price and yield performance of the NASDAQ CTA Artificial Intelligence Index (the 'Index'). The Index is intended to track the performance of companies active in the Artificial Intelligence ('AI') field, as determined by the Consumer Technology Association ('CTA'), and as such by Enabler, Engager or Enhancer (Enabler, Developer, enhancer). The Index uses the CTA's AI Intensity Rating, which tracks the perceived level of exposure of a company in the AI ‚Äč‚Äčindustry within the Enabler, Engager and Enhancer categories. Companies ranked in the Top 15 CTA Intensity Rating of each category will be included in the index. Additions and deletions of securities are reviewed and rebalanced semi-annually in March and September. The index uses a custom equilibrium method that targets the following weight distribution by category: Enablers - 40%; Engagers - 50%; Enhancers - 10%."

This goes well with the Aloha mission. Maxi Scalibusa

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