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Trade Idea

The idea of this wikifolio is simple: We follow the institutional money streams in German stocks in order to outperform the DAX.

More details on the strategy:
A fund manager's main objective is to outperform a certain benchmark in order to get his/her bonus. Obvioulsy there is no chance to outperform a benchmark by only investing in this particular benchmark - they need promising alternatives. Often small caps (stocks of companies with a smaller market capitalisation) are utilized for that purpose, since it is scientifically proven that small caps provide higher returns than large caps due to factors like higher growth potantial, higher risk, less regulation etc. So by following the institutional money in and out of small caps, an outperformance against 'the market' can be obtained. The generated outperformance needs to be protected, which can be done by buying the benchmark again (the DAX in this case). Consequently, there are times where we want to be invested in the benchmark as well, because that's where the money flows. We simply follow the big money and benefit from that.

This strategy is based on the outlined logic and on statistical evaluations on historical price data. This strategy has proven itself to be successful for several decades now and reliably outperformed the DAX in the past. There is no reason for us to believe, that this basic logic is going to change anytime soon.

Furthermore, there is no stock picking in this wikifolio, we only invest in ETFs. Increasing the cash position or following a market neutral (hedged) strategy in a bear market scenario is also an option, but we are never net short in the stock market.

The target group of this wikifolio are longterm investors, who seek a higher return in the German stock market, by applying a smarter & more creative solution than just buying an ETF on the DAX. show more
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Former banker, now industrial engineer and private investor.

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