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Trade Idea

This strategy capitalizes on the momentum anomaly which denotes that stocks that have recently surged will continue doing so (Jegadeesh and Titman (1993)).

The constituents of this investment strategy is identifying equity securities that have experienced price increases over the past 6 and past 12 months with the assumption that increases will continue in the future.

Only large and mid-capitalization international stocks exhibiting relatively higher momentum characteristics will be considered and held long term (minimum 6 months).

The portfolio will be 100% equity 0% cash, diversified across multiple industries and will exclude financial services stocks such as banks.
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Dennis Saerbeck
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I come from a bankers family with my father being an investment banker and brother a portfolio manager. Hence, my interests, education and work experience have been strongly focused around the finance area, especially the stock market.

Decision making

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We are currently facing very volatile markets, potentially entering a bear market. Bloomberg calls it "the worst time to make money in the markets since 1972". Since this wikifolio is long-term orientated, "bear" with me until markets recover.

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