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Trade Idea

This portfolio is a composition of equities (or equity related securities) and cash. The strategy concludes a strong focus on diversification to minimize risk. It will only conclude equities (or equity related securities like ETFs) because of the current low interest level.

The investment horizont of any equity in this portfolio is about 3 to 6 months because this time horizont is long enough to eliminate the risk of external, short-term shocks and short enough to stay flexible and react if there occure opportunities with a better risk/return profile due to inefficient pricing at capital markets.

The Portfolio will always include at least 15% cash to have the opportunity to react on external shocks that enable excellent investment opportunities due to short term stock price decreases.

The diversification will take place due to the investment in the following types of equities:

- Dividend stocks (with less growth and higher dividends; typically held a little bit longer than other stocks)
- Growth stocks of companies with proven business model but high growth chances
- Stocks from the old economies
- Technology stocks
- Stocks which face changes in their financial oder political environment (M&A Deals, IPOs)

Over all I will invest in stocks that are undervalued due to two reasons:
- inefficient market pricing (Fundamental Value>Market cap)
- Future opportunities due to environmental changes (new technologies, M&A Deals, etc)

The investment decisions will be based on:
- quantitiative analysis
- public information (Bloomberg, Financial Times, Telegraaph,Techcrunch, Reuters)
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Philip Trockels
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Decision making

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Zalando's Owner sold big stake of stocks last week. So due to higher free float there are chances for Zalando to get into the MDAX which would imply more focus of investors. That is why I took the chance of a lower share price this week to higher my position in Zalando. show more


Will start buying european automotive stocks which will benefit from the decreasing value of the Euro due to ECB's quantitative easying. show more


European Central Bank started with its quantitative easying program and will buy securities for EUR 60bn every month from now on. This will result in a strong boost for the european stock markets show more


Started to diversify the portfolio with fewer companies to increase the chance of higher returns. Target portfolio diversification is about 10-15% of the whole portfolio for each asset. show more
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