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Trading Idea

My wikifolio is expected to trade the stocks of the companies in growing markets.

I called it "Surefire Way" due to the interesting and promising meaning of the word "surefire" - "certain to succeed".

Investment universe: it is intended to invest in all kinds of stocks.

Trading criteria: there are sometimes increased risks with a strong emphasis on
individual stocks.

Risk minimization: the proportion of a position should preferably amount to not more than 39% to minimize risk, a higher cash position held may also occur in the first beginning months of wikifolio.

Holding time: medium to long term.
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Registered since 2020-05-29

Decision making

  • Technical analysis
  • Fundamental analysis
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Success doesn't just happen. It's a voyage of discovery. You have to find your purpose, then create goals, and then follow through to make them a reality. It's not an overnight process, but eventually it will gain people's appreciation and respect!

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