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Trading Idea

The wikifolio is intended to take advantage of investment opportunities from a broad, international investment spectrum. For this reason, the portfolio management shall deliberately impose few investment restrictions in order to exploit the full potential of the management and the financial markets.

The wikifolio shall be actively managed and intends a fundamental and chart driven trend strategy in my opinion promising stocks (national and international), ETFs and funds. The majority of the portfolio is to be made up of stocks that are in a stable, upward trend channel or in a promising chart-technical breakout situation. This focused selection of individual stocks is intended to create a portfolio that is characterized by relative strength compared to the overall market.

The time horizon of the investments shall be adjusted to a medium to long term holding position. Among other things, a self-programmed trading tool is to be used for analysis and timing control.

The possibility of using long and short positions in ETFs is intended to provide an instrument with which the investor can profit in every market phase, but also be protected against losses in value, especially in turbulent stock market phases.

By selecting particularly interesting stocks from the small cap and high technology sector, the portfolio performance shall be dynamized. However, the fundamental aim is to smooth out the volatility arising in this context through risk management that is as intelligent and timely as possible.
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