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Trading Idea

This portfolio invests worldwide. The portfolio is almost 100% invested all the time. The goal is to invest in 8 shares. The shares are only bought if they are 25% below their last high.

The criteria according to which the shares are to be assessed and valued are:

- price / earnings ratio
- enterprisevalue / ebit
- dividend yield
- dividend distribution rate
- price / bookvalue ratio
- Credit rating of Standard and Poor's
- equity ratio
- quality of the business model
- consistency of sales
- how well the equity can be monetized
- number of dividends per year

I myself invest my own money exactly as in this portfolio, so this is also my only wikifolio. The only exception is when I buy a share with my private portfolio that is not tradable on wikifolio. In this case I will hold a monetary position, or choose an alternative stock.
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