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Trading Idea

JV Investment Strategies is an active strategy to make sure we all have enough capital for our personal time - be it retirement, sabbatical, children, buying a house on the beach or buying a business. The trick is to invest in (future) profit-strong companies during strong times in the stock market and shift investments during periods of sideways or negative stock markets. My strategy includes the entire investment universe: stocks, bonds, ETFs, derivates, certificates.
I have invested during the dotcom-hausse, bet against my economics professor in 2004 that gold would never be worth more than 400 USD - and won. I speculated that banks (esp. Citibank) crash in 2007/08 and I bought google two days after their IPO. The next crash will come - then I will be agile. Interest rates will go up - then I will be agile. Unitl then I keep investing in the futures profit mashines.

I'm not a "professional" investor and not a day-trader. I am a strategy consultant for one of the market leaders and I love investing! Join me and profit from my trades.
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