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Trade Idea

Our investment approach is fundamental, value oriented and long term. We are reading balance sheets and income statements to find companies that are both extremely profitable and undervalued in the stock market. Our thinking was mostly influenced by people like Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. However we have developed our own take on how to evaluate and find the companies we are looking for.

Our typical holding period is over a year. We find that it usually takes at least that long for the stock market to correct its valuation towards the true value of a company. By long term we mean that we are trying to give you an instrument that you can use for lifelong wealth building, a save haven for your capital.

That been said, there are years where the stock market crashes. Our strategy is not immune to that. However we are convinced that it is not possible to time the market and the gains from being invested far outweigh the losses from missing out in the long term. In times of turmoil often the most profitable investments can be found.

Additional measures the safe your capital include investing only in companies with a market capitalisation of at least 1 billion US$, and diversification. Our portfolio will approximately hold 30 stocks, which besides diversification ensures that on average the market will correct its valuation within our investment period. show more
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