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Trading Idea

This portfolio contains a selection of stocks listed on major US stock exchanges. The selection criteria are:

- alpha from the market model (or single index model) must be positive and statistically significant,

- the estimate of beta from the market model must be greater than 0 and less then 1.1, (the estimate is usually very significant)

- earnings per share (EPS) must be positive,

- stocks with a PE ratio of 66 or higher are eliminated.

- other evaluation criteria are the payout ratio, expected EPS growth, return on equity, EBIT margin, and common equity to total asset ratio.

If a stock falls significantly relative to the DJIA it will be sold. The portfolio will be rebalanced towards the end of the calendar year.

My preferred data sources are: The companies' web sites, The Wall Street Journal, yahoo finance, and EDGAR of the US SEC.
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