Join the team and become part of the investor revolution! is a dynamic and rapidly growing FinTech startup with registered office in Vienna. We, the team behind this innovative and multi-award winning investor platform, have set ourselves the goal of establishing social trading as a preferred alternative for European private investors. Become part of our team which works on taking the investor revolution to the next dimension with transparency, fairness, ambition, sustainability and good communication!

We live transparency and fairness


In our vision of an ideal world of finance, people can invest their money profitably and enjoy free access to successful trading ideas. They do not depend on financial advisors who often only have their own commissions in mind, but obtain suitable tools to decide for themselves how much they want to invest and where. We have created just such an environment with and have helped on the democratization of the investment market a great deal through maximum transparency. To this end, we have linked up the principles of social networks to the world of securities. Traders can publish their trading ideas, and investors are provided with a complete documentation of the performance in return.

"I know still as a two-man show in a small Viennese aparment. I am proud to see, how today we are working in modern offices accross several floors on the investor revolution!"

Florian Hiller

Our most senior colleague

We have the ambition to create sustainable solutions

We have set ourselves the goal of establishing social trading as a preferred alternative for European private investors. Digitisation has multiplied the opportunities for investment. This brings numerous advantages, but also poses many new challenges for investors. We want to offer our users in a complex environment simple and fast solutions they can benefit from in the long term. To achieve this, we must not only react creatively and flexibly to challenges, but also create sustainable problem-solving approaches. For this reason, we are always looking for team members who possess precisely these skills and are aware of this fact: a revolution in an industry is a marathon, not a sprint.


"Appreciation and open dialogue are lived and promoted. It is incredibly motivating to work in this environment because one knows what he contributes to the bigger cause!"

Martina Habison

Our new arrival

We capitalize teamwork


Transparency is very important at – not only in terms of the product, but also in dealing with each other. Open communication, lean structures and a short decision-making process are the key cornerstones of our cooperation. This is particularly beneficial for younger team members who quickly get the chance to prove themselves. The work in the dynamic environment of social trading offers more than enough exciting challenges. With the courage for further development, a joy of experimentation, and the knowledge that failure is only the precursor of success, every hurdle can be overcome. Those who work at have the opportunity to work at the forefront of the digitisation of the financial industry and become part of a team where friendly competition inspires each person to peak performance.


"All signs point toward growth at I am looking forward to get to know everybody, who is going to join us on our way to a new world of investing!"

Andreas Kern

Our founder and CEO

Good entertainment is our key to success

The joy of challenging work is something we not only experience in our job life. It can also be seen in our team events that are something to be proud of in terms of wealth of action and adventurousness. Whether it's rafting, climbing, skydiving or skiing – there is something for every taste. The fact that our office is located in the middle of the Servitenviertel neighbourhood of the most livable city in the world naturally also brings some advantages. In the vicinity of the centrally located office with easy access to the Vienna public transport network and only a few minutes' walk from the Danube Canal, you will find a large selection of culinary offers. Vienna home cooking, fine gourmet cuisine or healthy organic food – no wish remains unfulfilled. For the lunch break – but also for a beer after work.


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