After growing up in Germany, I studied economics between 2000 and 2006. I moved to Norway in 2007 and still live there. I started following the capital markets at least since 1998. In the age of 18 I started to invest in Tech-Stocks and experienced the Tech-bubble in the early 2000s. I tried some different strategies the last 20 years - I was e.g. invested in funds, stocks, bull-/bear-certificates and bitcoin. In 2018 I decided to use more time again on investing. I followed the markets daily in the last years, looking for interesting opportunities. Since I got older/more experienced, I became a more defensive (value-)investor. The market situation in mid-2019 is difficult. A lot of companies have a high marked capitalization, at the same time are lower earnings expected. My long-term goal is to generate a (passive) income from my investing activities. My first step in this direction was to establish and the connected facebook-group Tobinvest.

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