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The dividend evolution of a company is a transparent image of the company’s ability to generate wealth for its investors over time. Dividend growth is a direct translation of management’s confidence in the company’s future and with interest rates at comparatively low levels, dividend stocks become a great solution for income dependent investors.
The expression “getting paid to wait” is applicable. During bearish markets, dividends are like a buffer to your portfolio valuation. While the value of your stocks fluctuate, you still receive your dividend payout which reduces your portfolio volatility. With the investment horizon on Medium-to Long Term, the Entry-Timing, with known Price, Yield and expected Growth trajectory becomes more important, Price volatility, as a result, becomes less important.

In this Wikifolio-Strategy, I will look for an optimal mix between dividend yield and dividend Growth, taking into consideration several factors like payout ratio, management quality, valuation and dividend consistency.
The positions at time of buy should not exceed 10% on portfolio weight.

to my opinion, it is important to have a solid exit-strategy as well.
Positions are medium-to long term positions, but can be sold for one or more of the following reasons:
-Better alternatives (optimal performance with limited Portfolio value)
-Investment Case has changed
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The price of Gazprom has fallen back to 6,90 Euro.

Since the weighting in European Dividend RIP10-portfolio is at the maximum of 10%, I will not be buying more, although tempting.

The newly disclosed 2Q2019 IFRS Results can be downloaded from

Especially the 12th Slide is very interesting for my Dividend Growth Wikifolio.

The official statement that their dividends will grow to 50% of Net Income by 2022 is mentioned, which means a roughly 100% Increase from current levels (27%). At the current dividend yield of 6,5%, that means this will increase to ca. 12% Dividend Yield p.a. in the coming 3 years, based on stable net Income.

I expect net Income to increase as well, supported  by reducing the amount of Capex, which peaked in 2018/2019 due to the new Pipelines. This will mean even more upside for dividend increases.

The political insecurity and volatility will present plenty buying-opportunities going forward, this is my high-convinction position.


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A ceremonial event marking the start of first-ever pipeline supplies of Russian gas to China via the eastern route – the Power of Siberia gas trunkline – took place on Monday 02.12.2019.

“Today, we are witnessing a historic event for Russia and China. The eastern route – Power of Siberia – is a global, strategically significant and mutually beneficial project. A new scope of energy cooperation between the two countries with a prospect for further development. Clean energy today and tomorrow, for decades to come,” said Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee

The $55B deal between Russia's Gazprom and China's CNPC  - reached in 2014 after the U.S. and European Union moved to punish Russia for taking control of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula - eventually will allow for 38B cm/year in gas supplies to China via the pipeline that crosses Siberia to the Chinese border, a project expected to last for three decades and to generate $400B for the Russian government. The $55 billion channel is a feat of energy infrastructure—and political engineering.

The Power of Siberia pipeline is a physical bond strengthening a new era of cooperation between two world powers that have separately challenged the U.S.


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Kommentar zu BB BIOTECH NAM. SF 0,20

Today I doubled my position in BB Biotech to a total of 8% portfolioweighting.

Multiple catalysts combined with a fairly concentratet portfolio with large positions in Ionis Pharmaceuticals (ca. 15%), Neurocrine Biosciences (ca. 9%) and Sage Therapeutics (ca. 5,5%) looks very promising.

The Dividend will be 5%, based on the average Stockprice in December 2019. On the current price, this will be ca. 3,09 increase of 3%.



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Kommentar zu BB BIOTECH NAM. SF 0,20

After talking with the management of BB Biotech, I very much like what I heard.

Some fairly big concentrated positions in Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Sage Pharmaceuticals with some promising catalysts in Q4 2019 and Q1 2020, makes me consider to almost double the position I have from currently 4,1% to 8%.

Their Dividend Payout Strategy is also very interesting.

In March 2020 they will pay out 5% of the average stock price in December 2019. This "artificial" Dividend Payout (Biotechs generally do not payout dividends) is funded by Business Takeovers, Cash-Strategy (They can leverage up to 15%) and marginal Dividend Income.

The transition to a concentrated Mid-Cap Portfolio, in combination with 1/3 Small Cap Biotech names is completed, and although the stock has already rebounded fairly, there is a lot of potential here. Management itself are aiming for 15% Return on a yearly basis, and the increasing stock price will cause the Dividend to grow simultaneously.


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