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Dear fellow Psychopaths!
this is a portfolio that replicates, with some irony, a psychopathic investment style.

I am a scientist doing research on corporate psychopaths. I am not a psychopaths but among many dark facets, I have learned quite a bit from funtional psychopaths in business.
1% of all people are psychopaths according to current research. In top management it is 2-6%. They have no empathy, no conscience and no deep feelings. They love fast-pace-high speed environments, are able to take a risk, are thrill-seeking and keep a cool head under stress. But in some areas this can be a functional personality: Think of surgeons, special forces or: in the stock market.

Here we invest like a psychopath, countercyclically without emotional (over-)reactions.
1.) Wait like a snake.
2.) When panic breaks out, when CNBC has nothing but bad news, when the indices are down more than 10% from their ATH, when the CNN fear and greed-Index is under 25: Our time has come! We buy! We buy the Nasdaq and other indices.... slightly leveraged. And wait. Ice cold, no matter what happens.
3.) When everyone gets greedy we sell, do nothing, wait like a snake.... and repeat this process.

The investment style is therefore characterized by patience and calculated risk.
We measure emotions by the fear and greed index and use it as a benchmark. Panic is below 25 and greed is above 80.

Follow this exciting social experiment and see where it takes us!
From time to time learnings from anonymous interviews with psychopaths will flow in here.
Thats it my fried. Follow me on the Psycho-Path. :)

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