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As many people asked me for trading and investment advises I decided to create some passively managed Portfolios to fit their needs. The lecture „A random walk down Wall Street“ guided my decision to alternate asset allocations for private investors by age as well as risk aversion. This wikifolio is an example of the outcome of my Progress in developing different, as Ray Dalio would say, "All Weather" Portfolios. These portfolios I created have some special characteristics, I will state three of them below:

- Time saving: Due to the passive management of the Portfolio it is ensured that the investor doesn't have to sacrifice too much time for his Investments.

- Fee saving: Another bonus of passiv investing is that transaction fees are a lot lower compared to an active asset management strategy.

- Diversification: Even though many wikifolios claim to have a low risk level, their portfolios still are very unilaterally invested in stocks. This wikifolio on the other hand achieves a broad variety of assets through ETFs, this is most likely very appealing for investors who are risk averse.

The wikifolio has planned to have the following allocation:
5% cash (for possible replacements)
15% bonds
5% real estate
5% active asset management
70% stocks

95% of the portfolio are beta investments. Due to the 5% of active asset management, this portfolio transforms into a smart beta portfolio, even though the part of actively managed assets is quite low with only 5%.

The portfolio shall be rebalanced every 1-3 months.

As already mentioned above, exchange traded funds (ETFs) shall ensure a broad scattering. The actively administered part does not need any special assets. In this wikifolio you won't find levered positions. mehr anzeigen
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