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This portfolio establishes positions in worldwide innovation drivers.
The companies are first screened for a variety of quantitative and qualitative variables. These metrics include high sales growth, fair valuation inside the peer group, a dominant position with a strong supply chain, and strong management. These metrics have been back-tested long-term and proven effective at outperforming the broad market.

We actively exclude sectors and industries from this portfolio as we believe that the traditional energy sector, the banking and insurance sector, classical industrials, and commerce as we know it are being disrupted heavily. Indices and ETFs heavily expose investors to these value traps. We strive to identify the disrupting industries that are taking their place in the economy of the future. The sectors of interest include internet technology (SaaS, cloud computing, gaming), financials (fintech, asset management), industrials (semiconductors), healthcare (genomic editing, online healthcare), and E-commerce. Some positions also take place between these pillars, profiting from exponential growth. Inside each industry, we diversify across winners to reduce risk.

To maximize returns, the biggest country exposure is the US. Diversification is found in the EU, South America & Asia. Especially Asia is believed to profit from the innovations introduced above.

The investment horizon is long-term (above 3 years). Research has proven this to be the most efficient approach and we follow the trading wisdom “Time in the market over timing the market”. Therefore, rebalancing takes place through addition of new positions, or through selling of companies who lost their competitive advantage, display slowing growth rates, or experience deteriorating management.

Due to discrepancy with our moral beliefs, we actively avoid positions in aerospace and defense, oil and gas.

The main data sources are Bloomberg & Factset.

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