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Beforehand: This wikifolio is perhaps not my most serious one...

This Wikifolio invests in shares of companies with superior products. Superior products are defined by me and my taste alone. This means that this portfolio does not rely on chart analysis or fundamentals (event though the latter are considered when investing into a specific company).
The rules are simple: The available capital is invested in up to 20 companies (10% initial investment if the buy decision is based on first hand impression, 5% if I regard it worthy according to media consumption). If there are not enough targets, the budget will be kept in cash. Companies bought will be re-evaluated after two years.
This wikifolio is long-term oriented.

If this sounds like a ridicolous concept to you: Time will show whether I am a cretin or connoisseur, respectively whether this strategy works or not. mehr anzeigen
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Realising Earnings fromin accordance with portfolio strategy:


Dr. Pepper: Sale of 790 shares. Future earnings will be calculated on the base of purchase value +20.15%. I consider the May 2020 spin-off of some parts of Keurig's coffee business as beneficial as my core interest in Dr Pepper lies within its softdrink brands. I am torn between selling and keeping the stock. As consumer goods may proove a valuable anchor during the current pandemic, I keep it for now. Its value depends on a rising market share in the sale of cold beverages.

E.ON: Sale of 290 shares. Future earnings will be calculated on the base of purchase value +11.61%. I bought E.ON for becoming an easy way to invest into German energy infrastructure. Its earnings from infrastructure marked about 40% of the positive contribution to E.ON's EBIT, the rest being mainly "customer solutions". In 2019 investments into infrastructure were about twice as high as those into customer solutions. In 2020 1.3bn Euros are to invested into infrastructure, four times the investments into customer solutions. I consider this very positive as the need for energy infrastructure will grow with the rise of e-mobility and the German turn towards renewable energies.

Nvidia: Sale of 65 shares. Future earnings will be calculated on the base of purchase value +115.69%. Nvidia went through quite a bump as its products were used for bitcoin mining. The burst of the 2017 bitcoin bubble lead to considerable temporary losses for Nvidia. I did however buy Nvidia for their core product, graphics chips. Those are very useful for the current ways to build self-driving cars which I consider one of the main factors for economic growth in the first half of the 21st century. A close eye has to be kept on the auto manufacturers however: If the Chinese manufacturers get the technological lead, Nvidia may suffer the consequences of the current exclusion of Huawei from Western contracts.

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Buying Blackrock for the fact that it relies heavily on steady fees for its business model. Also, the price-earnings-ratio is quite nice, considering the interest environment. The decisive factor however is that Blackrock controls about 50% of the ETF market, resulting in immense voting rights. Even though I do not think, that this power is systematically abused, I can not imagine, that there is no subconscious behavior favoring Blackrock. This appears to be a strategic advantage. Unfortunately, there was not enough cash for the purchase of the aspired 5%points buy of Blackrock. I will compensate this by buying another 31 Blackrock shares as soon as sufficient cash is available.

Considering the macroeconomic environment, it was tempting to keep the cashflow from the Alphabet sale as cash. This is however not the primary policy of this Wikifolio. Also I do believe that with the improving Brexit-perspective and the dawning end to Trump's presidency (be it by impeachment of by failed reelection) there is considerable opportunity in the market.

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