Entry level trader with a little knowledge on the current market. "There’s a class of companies embracing the global nature of the IT industry and even shaping it. These aren’t necessarily all courageous pioneers or bold first movers. Rather, they’re focused, determined players who have made the global challenge an intrinsic part of their IT value creation. And then there’s the much bigger group of companies who still stand ignorant or fearful and seem to be suffering a mental blockade when it comes to outsourcing decisions across national borders." - Till Hahndorf, CEO of Sourceconomy

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Status: Publiziert

Trader: MihaiC
Erstellungsdatum 13.11.2018
Performance seit Beginn -26,5 %
Performance 1 Monat +17,9 %
Maximaler Verlust (bisher) -41,9 %
Erstemission -
Performancegebühr 10 %
Vormerkungen 2
Schwerpunkt USA
Regelmäßige Aktivität
Das investierte Kapital kann aufgrund der Umrechnung mehrerer Währungen vom tatsächlichen Wert abweichen.