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CreativeHedge URAN only
Purepoint is a uranium exploration company driven by intellectual, precision prospecting focusing on distinct, targeted properties with historic significance in the Canadian Athabasca Basin. Our objective is to enhance stakeholder value through the ongoing implementation of a cornerstone strategy concentrated on aggressive research, acquisition and exploration of key properties resulting in responsible and sustainable growth. Established in the Basin before the resurgence in uranium, Purepoint's efficient systematic approach to identifying solid indicators is our strategic advantage in a world where demand for nuclear power generation continues to grow. We are dedicated to the pursuit of building partnerships with industry influencers, meeting our mandate to go beyond compliance with the law and strike meaningful relationships that will not only leverage knowledge for profit, but will create a balance between the financial and socioeconomic needs of all our stakeholders. The Purepoint leadership team, comprised of an independent, highly qualified group of experts with deep provincial and regulatory ties, as well as decades of experience in the Athabasca Basin, is passionate about staying focused on projects with strong, high-grade uranium potential.
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