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The portfolio is mainly comprised of conservative values, generating constant and stable returns. Positions are opened based on opportunities arising from discounts in valuations and marked over-reactions to news.

The aim of the portfolio is, despite its international character, to beat the S&P500 index. mehr anzeigen
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Swedbank has seen some exciting days with new allegations regarding whitewashing in the baltic branchs and a potentially too "conservative" response to information requests of the american banking oversight. This condensed on thursday, when the steering board fired Brigitte Bonnesen just hours before the general shareholder meeting. It does not get more dramatic than that ... 

The share price lost (visually) even more, as it was trading ex-dividend (close to 10% div yield) on the same day. I did not foresee these dramatic events and can not tell if more skelletons will be dig up, but I think the fear and activism put the price in a good place to increase my exisiting position. There is a looming thread of sanctions from the US in relation to the Danske Bank scandal (first bank to be caught tributes the name of the scandal), but this would/should hit by now nearly the entire nordic banking industry, and might therefore not be to likely. 

I added 200 shares. 


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Kommentar zu SWEDBANK

Swedbank, one of the biggest and well established banks in the nordic countries was bought on depressed price, as alligations of money loundring made into the news. I assume the pricedrop is overblown and bought into the company.. The dividend of 8.6% is a nice take, while waiting for the share price to come back.

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Allgemeiner Kommentar

The TARGET share price went up quite a bit, since I bought based on depressed price levels. Therefore I selling all shares in this portfolio and keep TARGET on the watchlist. No change in fundermental evaluation, but as dividends of US companies do not get registered with wikifolio, there is no need to keep the company in the books. 

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