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Investments are made based on fundamental & intuitive analysis. This means that "the numbers" represent only a portion (say, a half) of an investment decision. The rest is influenced by company's competitive position among its peers, industry outlook and (very important!) the management team and their vision. I refuse to invest in or even take a closer look at a business, however attractive it may sound, if the management is horrendous (e.g. Snap). Usual position will be common stock long purchases on undervalued securities. I am a "discount buyer"/a contrarian, meaning I usually buy stocks on their way down, not up. This is also why I usually keep a small portion of portfolio in cash, to be able to grab opportunities as they emerge.
Occasional earnings call plays, but only if justified. An example of a justified earnings call play was Facebook Q4 earnings, when I have noticed a sudden and big increase in Instagram Story ads on my personal account, which was not reflected in analyst estimates.
My best holding period is forever - if you buy a great business at an attractive price, why sell? However, if the business fundamentals are not rock solid or if I need liquidity, sale might be performed when its relative valuation reaches the level of its peers.
Some of you/us might be worried about the recent economic cooldown (I do not like the word "recession" - it is over- and incorrectly used by media for fear mongering) as discussed above, the stocks that I invest in are mostly of mature companies with solid BS, CF & fundamentals in general, while simultaneously depressed stock price. This is itself is a form of a correction protection. Investments in stocks like Facebook is the "risky" bit of the strategy, but only due to regulatory concerns. The business fundamentals are still rock solid.
All in all, this portfolio mostly mirrors the positions and trades (that suit fundamental - risky description) of my 2 real brokerage accounts & 1 brokerage account under management. mehr anzeigen
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