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Everybody’s talking about financial crises, good investment advice is hard to find and many financial advisers gambled away the confidence of investors – the need for orientation on the capital market is huge. That’s why we have created an independent marketplace where talents and capital market experts can share their trading ideas in a way that is visible for everyone. Everyone can choose their favorites regardless of their available capital and profit from these trading ideas via an exchange-traded financial product.

After our success in Germany, Austria and Switzerland we are seeking to conquer new European markets and to bring the investor revolution also to you!

Get ready for the largest variety of trading ideas of private or professional traders. Soon you will be able to profit from the performance of wikifolios through real exchange-traded financial products.

If you've already got some trading experience and want to get ahead by creating a track record, here's more information on how to become a wikifolio-trader:
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A wikifolio can become the basis for an index certificate

Become part of the investor revolution!

What is a wikifolio?

wikifolios are virtual portfolios, where private traders, professional asset managers and renowned financial media implement their trading ideas. Each wikifolio can serve as a notional reference portfolio to which a corresponding wikifolio index refers. The Lang & Schwarz Aktiengesellschaft issues open-ended index certificates on those that are traded on the Stuttgart stock exchange.

From the outset, all transactions in the wikifolio are publicly available and their performance can be followed closely and seamlessly. If a wikifolio finds enough supporters, an exchange-traded wikifolio certificate can be created based on it. Soon, wikifolios in English can also be represented in an open-ended index certificate in which one can invest via a bank or an online broker.

How does the principle work with traders and investors

A variety of strategies for each securities deposit

Round about 6,000 stocks, ETPs and funds form the basis of wikifolios created in English*. wikifolio traders thus implement the most diverse trading ideas in their wikifolios. From widely diversified or long-term trading ideas all the way to short-term trading approaches – there may be something for everyone!

*wikifolios created in German are based on an investment universe of up to 250,000 stocks, ETPs, funds and structured products from Lang & Schwarz, HSBC Trinkaus, Société Générale and UBS.

Thousands of different trading ideas for your portfolio

Easy selecting and investing

Via the wikifolio search with its numerous filters and distinctions, you can find the wikifolios that may meet your needs. The top wikifolio ranking facilitates the selection. 

Investing in selected wikifolio certificates is simple: Already starting from about 100 euros, you can include wikifolio certificates into your current securities deposit at your bank or your online broker offering a trading connection to the Stuttgart stock exchange.

We are working on expanding so that wikifolio certificates will be available at a larger variety of online brokers.

The best wikifolios in the top wikifolio ranking

wikifolio certificates are collateralized

As of now, all existing wikifolio certificates and each newly issued wikifolio certificate will benefit from a collateralization solution. The advantage: Losses from a general issuer risk associated with certificate investments are largely hedged.

Select your favorites and benefit from these trading ideas via exchanged-traded financial products.

Transparent insight for your overview

You can see all wikifolios at any time and observe exactly how your favorite wikifolios perform!

The current portfolio and all securities are displayed with real time prices

Current portfolio

Real-time prices for all values in the wikifolio
View all transactions in the wikifolio in real time

All transactions

Each purchase or sale since creation
All trader comments are visible at any time

Trader comments

Analyses and trader opinions
The account statement completely captures the performance

Account statement

Overall performance in detail and as a download
Photo Sebastian Reese, top trader at
The transparency on naturally increases the pressure on me as a trader since everyone can directly compare the wikifolios and their performance.
Sebastian Reese Trader on

Fair fee model for performance

Certificate fee: up to 0.95% p.a.Is calculated daily after the close of trading.
Performance fee: up to 30%Individual for each wikifolio – is calculated from the profit, only upon reaching a new high watermark
No transaction fees in the wikifolio

The use of is free of charge. Only when you invest in a wikifolio certificate you will incur a certificate fee and possibly a performance fee (upon reaching a new high watermark, i.e. a new annual high).

On, you see all price information with certificate and performance fees already deducted. The return of the corresponding wikifolio certificate corresponds to that of the respective wikifolio – without hidden costs.

Transactions and restructurings in the wikifolio are not burdened with additional costs. This way, wikifolio traders can use any market movement without reducing their return through transaction costs.

Photo Doris Beer, top trader at
Both traders and investors on pursue the same goal: I only earn money when my wikifolio generates a return that investors actually profit from.
Doris Beer wikifolio trader
Award for

Investors bring wikifolio certificates to the fore!

Based on customer orders, wikifolio certificates were among the most actively traded products in the index and participation certificates segment of EUWAX in 2015, next to products of Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank.


When it comes to money, security and trust must be a priority. The same applies to All transactions go through our partner Lang & Schwarz and the trading center of the Stuttgart Stock Exchange (EUWAX). These are synonymous with the proper handling of transactions.

In cooperation with
Logo of our partner Lang & Schwarz
Lang & Schwarz is the issuer of the wikifolio certificates. Besides the development of structured products, the main activity of Lang & Schwarz Aktiengesellschaft is the issuance of derivative financial instruments with a focus on leveraged products.
Logo of our partner Stuttgart Stock Exchange
The partner in the trade in wikifolio certificates is the Stuttgart Stock Exchange. As the market leader in the stock exchange trading in represented derivatives in Europe and corporate bonds in Germany, the Stuttgart Stock Exchange is the leading European stock exchange for private investors.

Interested in creating your own wikifolio?

You've already got some trading experience and want to create your own wikifolio?