Top wikifolios

The top wikifolio ranking brings the best wikifolios to the front.
The score is calculated from the evaluation of a total of nine criteria such as performance, interest of the community, average return or activity of the trader.

wikifolios of asset managers

You can already benefit from the trading strategies of professional asset managers with even small amounts. This was previously reserved only for investors with a large investment volume.

wikifolio of the week

In his wikifolio, wikifolio trader Christian Maier focuses on equities of companies whose business model is primarily based on the rental or sale of residential or commercial premises.
Companies with convincing fundamental data are shortlisted.

with distinction

wikifolios that meet special criteria are tagged and easier to find.

wikifolios of media companies

Media wikifolios are trading ideas that are managed by well-known media companies and market letters.