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Trade Idea

The wikifolio should primarily be invested in stocks from the technology/computer science field.
I believe the technology industry is changing constantly and rapidly, the population can no longer operate without their smartphone, iPad, fast Internet ... the equipment and devices are interconnected and controlled via smartphones / iPad / apps, ...
This development can probably no longer be stopped, making for additional efficiency and new opportunities and products. The global networking and control through mobile devices should continue to produce successful growth companies.

The investment horizon should be rather medium-term, but it is also intended to perform regular trading in these securities since the fluctuations/volatility of technology stocks are usually stronger and more pronounced.

Thus investments are thus be made in technology stocks worldwide. Neither ETFs nor leverage instruments are to be invested in.

Decision making should be based on information from Internet portals (Finanzen100, Bloomberg, CNN, ...), marketing analysis, market studies, ... etc. show more
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Wilfried Schopges
Registered since 2013-03-13
Arbeite seit mehr als 30 Jahren im Finanzsektor und habe schon mit 18 Jahren begonnen mir Aktien zu kaufen und der Aktienvirus hat mich seitdem nicht mehr verlassen. Finanzmärkte ist Beruf und Hobby und ich habe das Glück beides vereinen zu können.

Decision making

  • Technical analysis
  • Fundamental analysis
  • Other analysis


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