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  • Listed on the Stuttgart and Bern stock exchanges
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  • Suitable for any investment amount
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Traders make their trading strategies visible publicly in virtual portfolios – the wikifolios. Learn more about wikifolios at no charge.



Choose a wikifolio that corresponds to your needs. You can customize your selection using search criteria.



Invest in the corresponding wikifolio certificate and track the performance of the wikifolio 1:1. This can be done at your bank or with an online broker. in 2 minutes

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At, you can choose from over 8,000 trading ideas by wikifolio traders. Use the search function and easily find wikifolios that match your criteria.

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Bestseller wikifolios

The following are wikifolios whose associated certificates are purchased most often in the last 30 days.
Cybersecurity Innovators
Dirk Althaus | techguru Dirk Althaus | techguru
€ 20.48 Mio
Invested capital
+31.1 %
Ø-perf. yearly
To wikifolio
Intelligent Matrix Trend
Christian Jagd | Portfoliomatrix Christian Jagd | Portfoliomatrix
€ 69.52 Mio
Invested capital
+28.7 %
Ø-perf. yearly
To wikifolio
High-Tech Stock Picking
Stefan Waldhauser | stwBoerse Stefan Waldhauser | stwBoerse
€ 17.54 Mio
Invested capital
+24.0 %
Ø-perf. yearly
To wikifolio

Outperformance, scientifically proven

A scientific study by the Universities of Zurich and Geneva reported that wikifolio certificates with 1 million Euros or more invested perform better than the overall market or investment funds.

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Fair and transparent conditions

only 0,95 % per year
Fixed certificate fee

The certificate fee is calculated on a daily basis from the invested capital.

from 5 %
Performance fee

Applies only when a new annual high is reached, to the difference between old and new high.

  • Costs already included in the certificate price

    No hidden costs: All wikifolio fees are already included in the wikifolio certificate price.

  • Performance fee only in the event of success

    Only accrues if a new annual high is reached (high watermark principle). Detailed information on the calculation

  • N.B.: wikifolio certificates are collateralized

    The collateralization applies to all wikifolio certificates. Without additional costs.

What others say about us

„Disruptive technologies are in the process of undermining the business model of established banks. These are used by the Facebooks, Googles and wikifolios of this world.“
„Are you satisfied with your bank advisor? If you cannot answer the question with an unequivocal yes, you should take a look at the website“
"Though not taken quite seriously at the outset, wikifolios have developed into a real alternative for investors."

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Use the ideas of the wikifolio traders 1:1 for your financial investment.

More than 8,000 trading ideas to select from

Find the most suitable approach for your needs.

Readily available via your bank

Add wikifolios certificates directly to the brokerage account at your main bank.

Suitable for every wallet

Regardless of whether you have 100 or 100,000 euros at your disposal – we offer transparent trading ideas.

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