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wikifolio traders publish their trading ideas in wikifolios, create a solid track record and can build the basis for an exchange traded product, which investors can directly profit from by investing via their existing brokerage account.

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Find the best wikifolios

A transparent insight into the virtual portfolios, the so-called wikifolios, as well as clearly arranged rankings will help you find the right wikifolios from a total of about 17,000 wikifolios.

Learn from your favorites

The wikifolio traders will keep you informed, and each of the more than 10 million trades to date in the wikifolios can be viewed. All trades in the wikifolios are free of transaction costs – which is reflected in your returns.

Use your brokerage account

The more than 6,800 wikifolio certificates are traded on the Stuttgart stock exchange and are therefore available through banks and online brokers offering an appropriate trading connection.

Show your track record

Publish your trade idea as a wikifolio, i.e. a virtual portfolio, and demonstrate your skills. A wikifolio track record is free and forgery-proof.

Trade all assets in the wikifolio without transaction costs

Flexible trading hours and an extensive investment universe: round about 6,000 assets such as stocks, ETPs and funds are available – without any transaction costs!

Get ready for your performance bonus

A wikifolio can serve as a notional reference portfolio which a relevant wikifolio index refers to. The Lang & Schwarz Aktiengesellschaft issues open-ended index certificates on these that are traded on the Suttgart stock exchange. As a trader, you will receive a share of the profits of all investments. Soon, wikifolios in English can also be represented in wikifolio certificates. in 2 minutes

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Why invest money with


A variety of features helps in selecting the perfect wikifolio

Buy the corresponding wikifolio certificate at the bank of your choice

Participate in the performance, even with small amounts


Each trading idea is completely

All key figures are updated in real time

All trades in wikifolios are fully documented and accessible


Clear fee structure, no hidden costs

Performance and certificate fees are already included in the listed price

Performance bonus for traders who achieve returns with their trading idea

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