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You want to invest in the stock market, but you don't have the time to deal with all the details?
You would like to profit from current stock market trends without having to follow them closely yourself?
You are looking for interesting admixtures for your existing brokerage account?

Then you too should use the trading ideas of the wikifolio traders for your benefit!

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The wikifolio principle

Invest just like a trader whom you find convincing – without having to do anything yourself.

Following the trading strategy of a trader 1:1

Via a wikifolio certificate that automatically reflects the respective strategy.

Exchange-traded and collateralized

Each wikifolio certificate has its own ISIN, is collateralized and listed on the Stuttgart stock exchange.

Easily available via your bank

You can easily invest in wikifolio certificates through your main bank.

Suitable for any investment amount

Be a part of it, no matter whether you have 100 or 100,000 euros at your disposal, want to invest once or save on a monthly basis.

It's as simple as that!

Step 1: Discover

No matter whether you are a successful former tech entrepreneur, financial book author or former Business Unit CFO of a DAX-listed group of companies: On, private and professional traders present their personal trading strategies. Each trading strategy is made completely transparent in a virtual portfolio – the wikifolio.

Step 2: Select

Choose a wikifolio that suits your needs.

  • Looking for inspiration? – Then you'll find selected wikifolios under "discover wikifolios".
  • You already know exactly what's important to you? Then use the advanced search.

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Step 3: Invest

Each investable wikifolio is accompanied by an exchange-traded and collateralized certificate that reflects the development of the wikifolio 1:1.

Each wikifolio certificate has its own ISIN. You can find these in the grey area in the detailed view of a wikifolio. It allows you to invest directly through your main bank or online broker.

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Customer comments

Photo Doris Beer, top trader at
Doris Beer
wikifolio trader
Both traders and investors on pursue the same goal: I only earn money when my wikifolio generates a return that investors actually profit from.
Thomas Reiter investor
With my wikifolio certificates, I know which trader backs them, and I can see how they are performing – which I can then see in my own brokerage account at my bank.
Gottfried Urban
Asset manager on
Thanks to the large selection of transparent trading ideas, wikifolio index certificates can be an ideal portfolio admixture.

What else you may wonder about

I can also invest directly in stocks. What are the advantages of wikifolio?

The fact that successful stockpicking is not a matter of course. Because it takes time and one should keep an eye on market developments. Because it is usually only the mix of different stocks in a portfolio that matters.

That there are trends that you find exciting, but where you don't want to delve into all the details yourself. That you can easily follow a wikifolio whose idea you believe in or whose wikifolio trader you find convincing.

There are many good reasons – and at the same time there is no either/or. Of course, it is entirely up to you whether you also invest directly in stocks or other financial products; you may still find inspiration on our platform or, even better, publish your own wikifolio. In any case, wikifolio certificates can be an ideal admixture to your portfolio.

What exactly is a wikifolio?

wikifolios are individually created trading strategies of private and professional traders. The wikifolio traders make their strategies visible on the platform in a virtual portfolio – the wikifolio.

If the community finds a wikifolio interesting, it can become investable. It then forms the basis for a financial product, i.e. an exchange-traded index certificate, the wikifolio certificate.

You can invest directly in this through your main bank.

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Who are the traders behind the wikifolios?

The wikifolio traders and their wikifolios are the core of our platform.

Behind every published wikifolio is a trader who shares their trading strategy with the community, and therefore also with you. In addition to professional asset managers and media companies, private traders can create wikifolios as well. Their background is as varied as the wikifolios.

Whether former entrepreneurs who now work full-time as investors, financial book authors or bloggers, university lecturers or industry specialists from IT or the pharmaceutical industry: Many traders have a long-standing track record of trading experience and have been on for years. You can find out more about each individual trader in the trader profile.

How do I find a suitable wikifolio?

You have two options:

  • You already know exactly which criteria are particularly important to you? For example a certain minimum past performance, a maximum risk or a certain investment universe? Then, the advanced search is the right tool for you: Here you can search by various criteria. The search result is automatically sorted according to the ranking of top wikifolios.
  • Or are you looking for inspiration? Then use the discover wikifolios section: There you will find the current bestsellers, or may find wikifolios for investment trends such as health, tech stocks, or e-mobility that are particularly exciting.

A general note: The performance of the wikifolios as well as the respective wikifolio certificates are based on past performance. Their future performance cannot be deduced from this.

How exactly can I invest in a wikifolio certificate?

To invest in a wikifolio certificate, you need a brokerage account, in other words, a securities deposit.

Do you already have a brokerage account at your bank or your online broker? Then you will find the ISIN of the corresponding wikifolio certificate in the grey area of each investable wikifolio. You can then search for this ISIN with your broker and buy the certificate. Just copy the ISIN from the wikifolio homepage and paste it into the securities search function on the homepage of your main bank.

What does it cost me?

There are essentially two fee elements for an investment in wikifolio certificates.

The most important thing first: All wikifolio fees are already included in the wikifolio certificate price. In the performance you see, the costs are already priced to the day rather than being added later – we see this as a key point in terms of transparency and fairness.

  • The certificate fee: It amounts to 0.95% per year, calculated to the day in the wikifolio.
  • The performance fee: The name says it all – this fee is only charged in case of success, and only if a new annual high is reached in the wikifolio (high watermark principle). And it is only calculated for the amount between the old and the new peak. The level is suggested by the wikifolio trader for their wikifolio and usually lies between 5% and 30%.

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Note: The aforementioned fees are calculated daily and taken into account after the end of each calendar day. In addition to the wikifolio fees, potential order fees from your main bank must be taken into account as well.

How secure is an investment in wikifolio certificates?

Even if it happended more than 10 years ago: the Lehman Brothers case is still on many investors' minds. The most frequent question relating to the risk of certificates is therefore that of the issuer's default risk. When investors purchase a wikifolio certificate, they are buying a product of Lang & Schwarz Aktiengesellschaft as issuer. In the event of an insolvency, investors could suffer losses.

Lang & Schwarz has therefore established a collateralization solution in the interest of the investors.

The collateralization applies to all wikifolio certificates, regardless of when they were issued or how much money is invested in a certificate. This service is completely free for you as an investor.

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