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At CLIP, we believe that creating a sustainable long-term portfolio comes with responsibility. Therefore, we strive for consistency and only take a calculated risk. Our rational of choosing assets reflects a profound decision-making process, since we will only invest in securities, whose underlying business model we understand and believe will remain profitable, emphasizing a trading approach on fundamental and chart-technical trends. The decisive factor for the selection should be the respective prevailing market phase. The focus should be on European, US, but also foreign stocks/fixed-income instruments. Depending on the trading approach, the holding period might be of only weeks/months. Losses should be consistently limited, about 1-2% portfolio value per trade is sought. The objective is a stable return in the course of all market phases. One should mainly go long. show more

Experience in securities trading

Risk class 1:  1 to 3 years
Risk class 2:  1 to 3 years
Risk class 3:  0 to 1 year
Risk class 4:  1 to 3 years
Risk class 5:  0 to 1 year