After 7 years of intensive research on investments, i have specialized in equity investments. I am convinced that the equities market offers the best opportunities in the long term, and i therefore invest 100% of my private capital by the method of my Fokusinvest portfolio. Furthermore, I am convinced that if you invest in high-quality stocks, you lose less money in bad times on the stock market and can make more money in good times. So far, my average return is around 24% per year.

Experience in securities trading

Risk class 1:  3 or more years
Risk class 2:  3 or more years
Risk class 3:  3 or more years
Risk class 4:  3 or more years
Risk class 5:  3 or more years

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Status: Published

Date created 2017-10-26
Performance since creation +6.4 %
Performance 1 month +2.3 %
Maximum loss (to date) -15.4 %
First issuance -
Performance fee 10 %
Reservations 1
Dividend strategy
Medium to long term
The invested capital may differ from the actual value due to the conversion of several currencies.