For quiet a long time trading in securities has been my calling with enormous success. With the constant changes in prices of securities I then came up with the challenge as a portfolio manager to help reduce the risk of investors as well as diversify their investments across diversified securities. This motivates me to spend almost all my time following the current market situation and know which securities to trade in.

Experience in securities trading

Risk class 1:  3 or more years
Risk class 2:  3 or more years
Risk class 3:  3 or more years
Risk class 4:  3 or more years
Risk class 5:  3 or more years

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Status: Published

Date created 2019-04-18
Performance since creation +1.1 %
Performance 1 month +1.7 %
Maximum loss (to date) -2.8 %
First issuance -
Performance fee 10 %
Symbol WF0TAKE007
Reservations 10
Heavy trader
The invested capital may differ from the actual value due to the conversion of several currencies.