I was always very interested in stocks, and when I got 18 I started to go for it and learned more and more about investing and the stock market. In Summer 2016 I opened my first own managed Portfolio, since then I got 37% growth in my Portfolio from August 2016 until March 2017, I managed to do this with high quality dividend stocks some growth stocks and my biggest win was a 12x leverage certificate on the german DAX I bought 3 day before the US Elections, I sold it with 250% in January. Although I am new in the market and didn't´t experienced any bear markets I know that it can always be the other way around.

Experience in securities trading

Risk class 1:  1 to 3 years
Risk class 2:  1 to 3 years
Risk class 3:  1 to 3 years
Risk class 4:  1 to 3 years
Risk class 5:  1 to 3 years

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Trader: RonBinder
Date created 2017-03-24
Performance since creation +13.0 %
Performance 1 month +2.2 %
Maximum loss (to date) -20.6 %
First issuance -
Performance fee 10 %
Symbol WFWUTIS246
Reservations 2
Dividend strategy
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