Our company is providing services for about 20.000 individual investors in Poland. One of our business activities concern managing various investment portfolios with unique investment approaches. Our team consists of investment professionals with ca. 10 years of experience on financial markets. Our portfolio managers are entitled to use CFA designation as well as Investment Advisor and Stock Broker licenses certified by Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

Experience in securities trading

Risk class 1:  3 or more years
Risk class 2:  3 or more years
Risk class 3:  3 or more years
Risk class 4:  3 or more years
Risk class 5:  3 or more years

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Status: Published

Trader: Squaber
Date created 2017-02-10
Performance since creation +11.5 %
Performance 1 month -0.1 %
Maximum loss (to date) -11.0 %
First issuance -
Performance fee 20 %
Reservations 4
Medium to long term
The invested capital may differ from the actual value due to the conversion of several currencies.