Welcome to my Trader Profile I‘m a Swiss citizen and working in the financial industry since a couple of years. In addition I‘m a passionate gamer and like to spend my freetime playing video games and watch professionals do their thing. I discovered Wikifolio just recently and decided to creat a well fit portfolio for eSports enthusiasts. Regards, UG

Experience in securities trading

Risk class 1:  3 or more years
Risk class 2:  3 or more years
Risk class 3:  3 or more years
Risk class 4:  3 or more years
Risk class 5:  3 or more years

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Status: Closed

Date created 2017-10-27
Performance since creation +17.5 %
Performance 1 month -
Maximum loss (to date) -14.8 %
First issuance -
Performance fee 5 %
Invested capital EUR 0.00
The invested capital may differ from the actual value due to the conversion of several currencies.