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There is no strict rule or idea behind this portfolio. Deep analysis of the companies and the supply chains they use. Growth, dividend and undervalued companies will be hold by this portfolio.

To start with there will be a more secure start for the portfolio but also taking some risk to get high profit at some points.

Risk management will be 20% per company. Overall the holding time will be middle to long but could include sometimes shorter trades. mehr anzeigen
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Activision Blizzard Inc. banned over last 24 to 48 hours 40 Billion of in-game gold in world of warcraft as Gallywix got caught RMT. That will give Activision a massive boost over next view month's or even years as a lot of people will buy Gold before the pre-patch of Shadowlands hit to get some costly items which are not available any more after pre-patch. Besides that the Q2 was better than expected and as COVID will inflict us longer than expected ,I will stay in for long for the next 4-12 month's.

What concerns me a bit is the Activision practices about bonuses. They pay employees instead of money with World of Warcraft store mounts and so on. That is something I think personally is insane but will not give them to much damage. But with them changing giving a real bonus, that might lower their profit at the end.

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