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In this wikifolio investments should be made to northern European (+Canada) equities. The focus of my trading idea is in companies from Nordic countries which are working globally.
Strong companies with hidden value and strong position in their field. And companies which have been proven their capability to grow profitable and sustainable way.
All invested companies are also getting benefits of the world megatrends.
Aim to keep, enjoy the dividends and future growth.
Investment decisions are made with strong experience and well made research.

Investment universe: Stocks worldwide with a focus on Canada.

The investment horizon is predominantly long term with a holding period of few weeks or months.

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Northern stars wikifolio companies published their Q4 results in last weeks. 11 out of the 15 companies showed growing tendecy. One which didn´t show growth or signs of it, was Metso. However that, its stock value has been overperforming if you compare it to this wikifolio or the markets. In my mind the valuation started to be too high to the style of this wikifolio and because of that I sold Metso and I bought Novo Nordisk. Novo Nordisk is a very strong company and its valuation is very attractive. The biggest news in markets has been Mr Trump for a while. Stocks have been raising or falling because of him but luckily Trump isn´t the only thing what is going on in the world. I think more important fact is that there is many bullish data across the globe. For a example, in the euro-area joblesness has been falling to the lowest level since July 2009. The industrial output in the eurozone accelerated at its strongest pace in almost three years. Manufacturing PMI index showed solid growth example in Austria, Netherlands, Germany, France and Spain. And a lot more good news are behind stock market´s growth. Other big concern in market news is European political risks and high valuation of the stocks. Risks are allways there, so it is important to choose strong companies and that is the reason why I believe that this wikifolios investment idea is very good at the present and in the unknown future as well. mehr anzeigen
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