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Stemcells is a biotechnology that existed for decades, but it has been in the dark especially as it is still in an expensive research phase and does not generate yield.
Stem cells can be artificially grown and transformed (differentiated) into specialized cell types with characteristics consistent with cells of various tissues such as muscles or nerves.
Embryonic cell lines and autologous embryonic stem cells generated through somatic cell nuclear transfer or dedifferentiation have also been proposed as promising candidates for future therapies.
This strategy involves investing in a large portfolio of stemcell research, banking and development and aim to create a managed investment in what could be the technology of the future. mehr anzeigen
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With rates moving higher and cash being drained from the system, I think equities will be volatile so taking the exposure down and looking to reallocate the cash into stocks which has more idiosyncratic drivers. mehr anzeigen

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Given the systemic risks to the market, and the potential impact from rates. I am running 70% risk and 30% cash and looking to invest in idiosyncratic risk that has low or no market beta. mehr anzeigen

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took 50% off Geron exposure given the jump this week, even though I think the company is still undervalued given the effectiveness of its imetelstat. however given that the company does not have an approved drug, the risks from a share price collapse should the collaboration agreement with JNJ collapse the stock could fall sub $1 nasdaq listing requirement. hence why halving our position and taking 25% profit for now. mehr anzeigen

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out of vita now, realocated 8% to allergan to manage volatility of the portfolio and I like allergan given its aesthetics franchise, led by Botox, is undervalued at current levels. mehr anzeigen
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