The Stuttgart Stock Exchange is the stock exchange for private investors in Germany and the exclusive listing venue for wikifolio certificates.

About Stuttgart Stock Exchange

Via the Stuttgart Stock Exchange, private investors can inexpensively trade German and international equities, bonds, funds, certified derivatives (certificates, subscription warrants and knock-out products), ETFPs as well as profit participation certificates. With the EUWAX segment, the Stuttgart Stock Exchange is the European market leader in trading certified derivatives.

Across all asset classes, it had a trading volume of 88 billion euros in 2014. This makes the Stuttgart Stock Exchange, founded in 1861, one of the ten largest stock exchanges in Europe. Since 2008, the Stuttgart Stock Exchange has also been active on foreign markets, where, for example, it is active on the Scandinavian market (Sweden, Finland and Norway) as parent company of the Nordic Growth Market, the second largest stock exchange in Sweden.

Discover now an overview of the available index certificates (incl. wikifolio certificates) at the Stuttgart Stock Exchange.

Stuttgart Stock Exchange &

The Stuttgart Stock Exchange is the exclusive listing venue for wikifolio certificates. All investable wikifolios are listed as index certificates in the market segment EUWAX. For private investors, this means that you are able to buy and sell wikifolio certificates with all banks and brokers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland who have access to a connection to the Stuttgart Stock Exchange. Thus, private investors in the EUWAX trading segment benefit from individual order service as well as quick and fair order execution in accordance with the best price principle. All market maker quotes and the determined prices are continuously published in order to offer transparency to investors.