Finanzen100 is a media partner of and one of the largest financial portals in Germany with its own stock exchange apps for smartphones and tablets.

Finanzen100 &

The media cooperation with Finanzen100 ranges from integration in the stock exchange apps and website to joint trade fair events and communication measures.

Finanzen100's stock exchange apps have their own wikifolio area with top lists, comments and trades. The wikifolio certificates have their own green individual security views and provide the usual transparent insight into the strategy, brokerage account content, trades and comments of the wikifolio trader.

The individual security views are supplemented by information from the wikifolio community. On the individual security view, users can see which wikifolios this stock is traded in and how the traders justify their transactions.

With just one click or touch, the user can access the most successful wikifolio certificates that currently hold this individual security in their brokerage account. In addition, every investment in a wikifolio certificate can be made directly via connected online brokers.