OnVista is a media partner of wikifolio.com and enables its users to receive current information about the wikifolios on OnVista.de.

OnVista & wikifolio.com

As a partner from the very beginning who recognized the opportunities and possibilities of social trading and the resulting transparent financial products, a strong mutual integration of the portals has been undertaken in recent years. OnVista.de shows examples of the most traded stocks on wikifolio.com with a direct link from the individual securities to the corresponding wikifolio trades. On wikifolio.com, you will be directed to OnVista if you want to take a closer look at an individual security.

The wikifolio integrations on OnVista help OnVista users to quickly identify trends and current market developments based on the trade transactions on wikifolio. This provides every OnVista user with the opportunity to learn and benefit from the transactions and experiences of the wikifolio traders.