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2017-07-26| From: Florian Hiller |

The new navigation with the dashboard and the personal notification settings are online!

Information for new users, cockpit for registered users

As new users and registered users of have different needs, the navigation bar has been completely reworked. It changes depending on whether users are registered and logged in or are new to and logged out.

New or not logged in users will find in the navigation bar all the information they need to discover wikifolios and get to know The former navigation elements "Create wikifolio" and "My watchlist" are from now on visible for logged in users only. The login button is placed exclusively at the top right of the page.

Logged-in users have direct access to all important functions and the new Dashboard via the especially designed navigation bar – like in a cockpit. The informational pages, which are available to logged-out users in the navigation bar, can be found in the footer section of the website.

The new Dashboard

The heart of the new navigation for logged-in users is the new Dashboard.

With the dashboard, users are always aware of the most important events on their watchlist or the wikifolio activities (formerly events) and receive information about the next steps provides for them. wikifolio traders can access their wikifolios or even the trade view of a respective wikifolio directly from the dashboard.

TIP: If you use the "Keep-me-Logged-in" feature, you can enter your personal dashboard by entering

Explore the dashboard

Personal email settings

Every user can now decide which email notifications are relevant to him or her. The new email settings area, accessible through the account settings, has created a central location for managing all of's general email notifications and newsletters.

Helpful notifications for traders and investors offers a variety of useful notifications. users are the first to know when a wikifolio watchlisted gets investable or when a trade or a corporate action is carried out in their own wikifolio.

Some of the listed notifications, especially for wikifolio traders of investable wikifolios, are mandatory and cannot be disabled.

Manage email settings

Further changes

  • The options for changing the wikifolio status are now in the "Change wikifolio" area and no longer in "Trade"
  • The entire site offers a new font based on the operating system for better performance in terms of loading times