2018-01-30| From: Florian Hiller |

In a further optimization step of our platform we have dedicated ourselves to the most visited page type on wikifolio.com: the wikifolio detail page. The result of our extensive process - from reviewing all user feedback via conceptual design and redesign, to usability testing and implementation with a focus on loading speeds and mobile presentation - is now visible on wikifolio.com.

New features to make better use of opportunities

Here is an overview of the most important new features of the wikifolio detail page.Screenshot der neuen wikifolio-Detailseite

Share function
Share the link to a wikifolio via Facebook, Twitter or email. On your mobile you have the additional options to share the link via SMS or What'sApp.

Last login
The last login of the trader is displayed to show his activity, even if no trades have taken place.

wikifolio chart
The wikifolio chart is more clear and has been combined with the chart analysis including the display of publication and issue date.

Portfolio composition
You can see at a glance how the current portfolio is distributed across the individual asset classes. Click on "Portfolio" to go directly to the detailed view of the current portfolio.

wikifolio news
The most recent article about the wikifolio or the trader is displayed directly on the detail page. Also the last trade and the last comments are visible at a glance.


Improved structure for quick overview

In addition to the better distinction between wikifolio and wikifolio certificate, as well as the clearer layout of the key data, the area with the details of the wikifolio has been restructured and has now its own navigation.
Die neue wikifolio-Detailseite mit allen Details zum wikifolio

Trade Idea
The section "Trade Idea" provides a rough overview of master data, labels and the investment universe. Here you can find also the comments of the traders, which are supplemented by a profile preview.

Current Portfolio
The asset classes in the "Current Portfolio" are easer to grasp due to their color code, similar to the graph of the portfolio composition.

In the section "Analysis" you will find all important key figures and the risk factor at a glance.

History" contains an overview of all trades and all downloads such as price data and account statements.


Discover the new detail page of your favorite wikifolios
and test the new features!

wikifolio search


Further optimizations planned

The wikifolio detail page is to be constantly further developed in the future. For example, we are currently thinking of other analysis options, such as comparisons with benchmarks or a trading analysis, showing the distribution of profit and loss trades.