Become a wikifolio trader

Create your own wikifolio, make it investable and earn money with your trading idea!

It's as simple as that:

Create a wikifolio

At, you can very easily realize your trading idea in the form of your own virtual portfolio – we call it wikifolio. With a trading universe consisting of over 300,000 products, you can replicate every conceivable strategy.

N.B.: There are no order fees for trades within your wikifolio.


Publish your wikifolio and make it investable

You think your trading idea could also be exciting for others?

Then you can publish your wikifolio and share it publicly with the wikifolio community. If your wikifolio enjoys popularity in the community, it can become investable. In this case, our partner Lang & Schwarz will issue an open-ended index certificate that tracks the performance of your wikifolio 1:1 and is traded on the Stuttgart stock exchange.

N.B.: You only need 10 watchlistings to make your wikifolio investable.

Earn money

As soon as your wikifolio is investable, investors can purchase the corresponding wikifolio certificate, which automatically follows the performance of your wikifolio 1:1, through their bank or online broker. There are no costs for you as a trader.

If you achieve performance with your wikifolio, investors also achieve performance. In return, you will be rewarded with a success bonus every time you reach a new annual high.

N.B.: Tell your friends and acquaintances about your wikifolio to increase the reach of your idea.

Benefits for wikifolio traders

Virtual portfolio

Create a free virtual portfolio and build your own track record.

Save on order fees

There are no order fees for trades within the wikifolio.


Benefit from the visibility of a large community.

Success bonus

Use your trading idea to earn money in the form of a success bonus.

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