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On a tablet the start page of the wikifolio website can be seen, a woman's hand is operating the tablet.

The best ideas deserve to be shared

With your own wikifolio, you can implement your trading strategy – and at the same time provide the community with the opportunity to follow it. If you are successful, so are the other investors – and you earn yourself some money*.

create wikifolio, green

1. Create your wikifolio

Register for free and transform your trading idea into a wikifolio. A wikifolio is your individual virtual portfolio, for which you can choose from an investment universe of over 410,000 products. 

Sign up for free and pay no order fee for trades in your wikifolio.

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2. Publish it

You have your trading idea? Then let’s publish it! 

Our community can then follow your wikifolio and add it to their watchlist. Get followers for your idea – with just ten watchlistings, your wikifolio can become investable.

Easily available through the bank, teal

3. Make it investable*

If our community finds your strategy interesting, then it can become investable. Our partner, Lang & Schwarz issues an open-ended index certificate which is traded on the Stuttgart Stock Exchange, and which replicates the performance of your wikifolio 1:1.

Earning success bonus, grey

4. Earn money*

Investors can now invest in the wikifolio certificate relating to your trading strategy via their bank or online broker. What does this cost you? Absolutely nothing! What do you get? A performance bonus for each new high watermark in your wikifolio.

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5. Keep it going

How do you trade in your wikifolio and what are the reasons behind your trading decisions? What do you think about current market developments? Your followers are interested in your opinion. Add comments in your wikifolio - to keep your existing followers interested and attract new ones!

Join us now free of charge

and earn money with your own wikifolio!

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What do top traders say about wikifolio

Traders and investors on have the same goal: I only make money when my wikifolio generates a return that investors actually benefit from.

Doris Beer

Top trader

For me, social trading means making my trading strategy available to all interested investors, completely transparently and in real time. wikifolio is convincing here thanks to the constant further development of the platform, the implementation as an exchange-traded index certificate and the high level of reliability.

Michael Flender

Top trader

Social trading gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge with a wider audience. wikifolio is a pioneer in this respect and is easy and transparent for traders to use.

Holger Degener

Top trader

Your Benefits

wikifolio Outperformance, green

A track record

Put your trading ideas into action and establish a visible track record for yourself.

No order fees, pear

No fees

for registration, for trades in the wikifolio, or when investors invest in the corresponding certificate.

More visibility, teal

Investment community

Take advantage of the visibility you get on Europe's largest platform for transparent trading strategies.

Earning success bonus, grey

Success bonus

A win-win for both you and the investors: Earn money for every new high watermark.

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We are there to support you

If you still have unanswered questions, just send us an e-mail, or give us a call.


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