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Trading Idea

This portfolio is based on the assumption that 3d printing and additive manufacturing in general still have massive potential. After the market correction of the whole sector, the market is showing signs of bottoming out. In the coming months and years more and more applications will become feasible and various applications are already on their way to the plateau of productivity. Upside is massive and the selected stocks have quite an interesting upside potential. Selection is mainly based on turnaround potential.

The portfolio is based on a mix of fundamentals, behavioral finance and a little technical analysis. The basket consists mainly of companies which fall in two different categories: a) Companies that saw a huge correction in price over the last two years and still have massive potential and b) companies that did fairly well (e.g. Protolabs or Autodesk ). Capital allocation is about 80% for companies that are ripe for a turnaround (3d Systems, Stratasys, Kodak, GE, GRAPHENE 3D, The Exone )and about 20% as a hedge for companies that are doing pretty well.
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