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Trading Idea

The idea of this protfolio is to build mid to long term ETF and ETC portfolio to deal with potential economic risks in the comming 3 to 5 years, like recession and inflation which occure in cycles over and over again through out the history. Pecious metals ETCs and mining ETFs will be used to try to save the value of your investment and make potential profit from a potential financial crisis. When the economic risks have lowered substantially the portfolie will be adjusted accordingly. That means that all ETFs of mining stocks will be sold and the percentage of ETCs of precious metals will be lowered drasticly. The potential profit will then be invested in tech and industry ETFs for a longer period of time.

The foundation of the portfolio will be ETFs and ETCs to allow investors with little money to invest and to participate with savings plans. Because of savings plans investors will benifit from the cost average effect that reduces the relevance of marked timing for there investment significantly.

The plan is to hold the protfolie for aproximatly 3 to 5 years with minor adjustments in this period of time.
For decision making I will use all available free sources that I can find to make decisions in respect to market development and psychology. show more
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Heute habe ich meine Gold- und Silberposition um insgesamt 1% ausgebaut, was ich aus den bisherigen Gewinnmitnahmen gemacht habe.

Today I raised my gold and silver position all together by 1%, which I did by using capital gains from the last weeks.

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Die erste Woche dieses wikifolios liegt hinter uns. Mit dem Gewinn von 1,5% in diesem kurzen Zeitraum bin ich für den Anfang recht zufrieden. Ich denke jedoch, dass es in Zukunft Wochen mit höheren Profiten geben wird. Außerdem ist eine weiter Vormerkung in Höhe von 100€ dazu gekommen, was mich sehr freut. Mein Ziel ist es, dass das wikifolio nach dem Testzeitraum investierbar ist und freue mich daher sehr über jede Vormerkung.

The first week of this wikifolio is over now. I am happy with the profit of 1,5% in this short period of time. But I think there will be weeks with even more profit in the future. Besides that another prebooking for this wikifolio has been added, which makes me very happy. My goal is that this wikifolio will be investable by the end of the testing period and because of that I am very happy about any prebooking.

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Heute bin ich in einen S&P 500 ETF gekauft, um von möglichen Kursanstiegen zu profitieren.

Today I bought an S&P 500 ETF, to profit from potential growth.

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Heute werde ich einige kleine Gewinne realisieren, damit ich die Möglichkeit zu niedrigeren Preisen nach zu kaufen oder schnell umzuschichten, falls es zu einer plötzlichen Trendwende kommt.

Today I will realise some small profits, to be able to buy more at lower prices or to redeploy capital, if a trend reversal takes place.

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