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Trade Idea

Long term value and growth investing. The portfolio is composed of cash and stocks of companies that match the following criteria:

1) Reasonable debt level:
Reasonable debt level varies from company to company. Businesses with more uncertainties are considered unsafe at lower levels of debt that companies operating in very predictable environments.
Investing in low debt comapies helps mitigate the bankrupcy risk, and ensure the company is ideally positioned to capture future opportunities.

2) Long term tailwinds for the business:
Stock picked should have some form of long term trend going for them. Be it a market wide trend, industry wide trend, or a tailwind specific to the company, all are good. This criteria means that all the stocks picked must have future growth potential, in the near or distant future. Note that this does not mean that the company must be currently growing.

3) Profitable:
The stocks picked in this portfolio must be from profitable companies. Profitable companies are companies producing positive earnings and are seen as less risky and more safe than unprofitable companies. This helps reduce company risk in the portfolio. Note that stocks that lost their profitability after being added to the portfolio might remain in the portfolio.

4) Reasonable valuation:
The stork brought must be brought at a price deemed not too expensive. The method of valuation may vary, but is always based on fundamentals and not technical analysis.

5) bonus if the company is sustainable:
This is not a compulsory criteria. However, stocks from companies that are environmentally and/or socially responsible are preffered to stocks from companies that pose a threat to the environment or engage in unethical behavior towards their employees.

If no stock matching those criteria can be found, the portfolio remains in cash. The goal is to hold long term. Patience is a core virtue of this investing strategy. show more
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