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Trading Idea

This wikifolio is about disruptive technologies and innovation businesses. Businesses who can revolutionize their sector is the primary goal to invest in. It will mostly be accumulated shares, etf's or funds. Stock trading with leverage is not the primary goal of this wikifolio as it might be too risky.

Businesses with unique selling proposition, disruptive technologies or disruptive innovation are the main focus of this portfolio, as they can have an advantage against competitors and may take over their whole sector, like Facebook did on social media, or Apple on Mobilephones. E.g. sectors like Artificial Intelligence, companies of the information-technology sector, Blockchain. This will include companoes like Tesla with their electric motors, batteries and self-driving cars, ITM Power with hydrogene energy or Powercell with fuel cell energy.

Shares, etfs and funds can be buy and hold for a long time, as long as they could have an advantage in their sector they are most likely profitable.

Decisions are made by estimation of marketsituation and success in their sector, future prospects, especially about their disruptive technology and innovation, and of course by political and economic situation of a companies home country.

Charting methods are good for optimal timing for adqusition and/or exit points, but it is not the main criteria of the dicision making process. show more

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