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Trading Idea

Due to my professional experiences as a founder of 2 IT companies, active in the field of supply chain and logistics, my natural interest is in the fields of enterprise IT, IoT, AI, i.e. companies that offer innovative solutions and business models. I dive deeper into the range of solutions and compare them to those of the global players who are usually also included in the portfolio. In bullish times, investments are made in worldwide opportunity-oriented stocks in the sectors software, eCommerce and Clean Tech, plus a maximum of 20% IPO and higher risk companies with I think have a high potential. Decisions are made on fundamentals; I am not convinced of technical chart analysis regarding longer periods.
In the bear market invests will be shifted; e.g. to undervalued stocks of mainly large European companies paying dividends, countercyclical stocks such as reinsurers, pharmaceuticals, energy and other basic suppliers, of course to cash and exceptional cases briefly to inverse ETFs. No warrants / CFD etc.
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Geert-Jan Gorter
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